Personal Information

Associate Professor of Orthopaedics and Traumatology  

Office: (852) 3505 2731
Address: Room 74038, 5/F, Lui Che Woo Clinical Sciences Building, Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

Specialized Research Areas

  1. Non-coding RNAs
  2. Gene Regulation
  3. Skeletal Muscle Stem Cell and Regeneration

Selected Publications

  1. Chen F, Zhou J, Li Y, Zhao Y, Yuan J, Cao Y, Wang L, Zhang Z, Zhang B, Wang CC, Cheung TH, Wu Z, Wong CC, Sun H, Wang H*. “YY1 regulates skeletal muscle regeneration through controlling metabolic reprogramming of satellite cells.” EMBO J, 2019; 15:38(10).
  2. Peng X, So KK, He L, Zhao Y, Zhou J, Li Y, Yao M, Xu B, Zhang S, Yao H, Hu P, Sun H, Wang H*. “MyoD- and FoxO3-mediated hotspot interaction orchestrates super-enhancer activity during myogenic differentiation.” Nucleic Acids Res, 2017; 45(15):8785-8805.
  3. Zhou J, Zhang S, Wang H*, Sun H. “LncFunNet: an integrated computational framework for identification of functional long noncoding RNAs in mouse skeletal muscle cells.” Nucleic Acid Res, 2017; 45(12):e108.
  4. Chen X, He L, Zhao Y, Li Y, Zhang S, Sun K, So K, Chen F, Zhou L, Lu L, Wang L, Zhu X, Bao X, Esteban MA, Nakagawa S, Prasanth KV, Wu Z, Sun H, Wang H*. “Malat1 regulates myogenic differentiation and muscle regeneration through modulating MyoD transcriptional activity.” Cell Discov, 2017; 3:17002.
  5. Zhou L, Sun K, Zhao Y, Zhang S, Wang X, Li Y, Lu L, Chen X, Chen F, Bao X, Zhu X, Wang L, Tang L Y, Esteban MA, Wang CC, Jauch R, Sun H, Wang H*. “Linc-YY1 promotes myogenic differentiation and muscle regeneration through an interaction with the transcription factor YY1.” Nature Communications, 2015; 6:10026.
  6. Wang L, Zhao Y, Bao X, Zhu X, Kwok YK, Sun K, Chen X, Huang Y, Jauch R, Esteban MA, Sun H, Wang H.* “LncRNA Dum Interacts with Dnmts to Regulate Dppa2 Expression during Myogenic Differentiation and Muscle Regeneration.” Cell Research, 2015; 5(3):335–350.
  7. Zhao Y, Yang Y, Trovik J, Sun K, Zhou L, Jiang P, Lau TS, Hoivik EA, Salvesen HB, Sun H, Wang H.* “A Novel Wnt Regulatory Axis in Endometrioid Endometrial Cancer.” Cancer Research, 2014; 74(18):5103-17.
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