This week, iTERM was happy to have Dr. Joan CHANG, Research Fellow (PI) of the Wellcome Centre for Cell-Matrix Research, Faculty of Biology Medicine and Health at the University of Manchester, to deliver a seminar on “The Circadian Regulation of Collagen Homeostasis – New Paradigms and Considerations”. 


Our researchers and students, in the informative seminar and sharing session, were excited to learn about the latest work of Dr. CHANG and her team members. Dr. CHANG shared her recent findings about how molecular clock regulates the secretion of collagen and the theories of “inside out” and “outside in” production of collagen fibrils. The seminar was ended with a Q&A section where questions such as “How much collagen is secreted by macrophages during the co-culture with fibroblasts” and “Is 2D cell culture representative of the in vivo situation” were raised and discussed.  

Announcement Poster