Director’s Message

The Institute for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (iTERM), under the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), is newly founded on January 13, 2016. Our Institute, with a solid background of top-ranked scientists and cutting-edge technologies, aims at integrating multiple disciplines in biomedical sciences, engineering, and clinical medicine, ultimately to facilitate and fortify the development of neuromusculoskeletal tissue engineering (TE) and regenerative medicine (RE). We envision that, the quality of life will be enhanced with the application of biomedicine in the upcoming future.

With the consortium of distinguished scientists and clinicians around the world, our Institute will pitch into the research of the 4 main program areas, with a view to fostering the translational research and beefing up the clinical development of Hong Kong at full-stream:

  •  Stem Cells and Cell-Based Therapies
  •  Tissue Engineering for Regenerative Medicine
  •  3-Dimensional Microphysiological Tissue Models
  •  Clinical Trials and Precision Medicine

Under the support from the University and the Faculties of Medicine and Engineering, our Institute is well-equipped with comprehensive infrastructure and core facilities, which lay a solid foundation for our team to start a new chapter in the study of TE and RM. We will make every endeavor to advance and translate multidisciplinary scientific knowledge into clinical trials and product development, through various cross-disciplinary collaborations between our Principal Investigators and the faculty members from different academic departments upon the accrued valuable research experiences.

In addition, TE and RM have already become the prevailing trend of research in the globe, with an aim to serve as the panacea against the illnesses appeared among the aging population. To extend our nexus and strengthen the interaction with local and overseas prestigious universities and institutions, our team members have attended numerous international conferences exchanging ideas and experiences with scientific researchers from the fields of biomedicine and bio-engineering. And our Institute has also built up synergistic relationships with different renowned institutions, for example, Karolinska Institute Center of Regenerative Medicine and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health (GIBH).

As the center of excellence of the CUHK, sustainable development of educational program is critical and crucial for the future growth of the Institute. Our faculty members, therefore, will take an active role in the educational activities and nurturing our fellow students with skillset and depth of scientific knowledge. We believe, with intensive and professional trainings, our students will evolve into accomplished and committed investigators, as the invaluable assets, contributing significantly to the future expansion of the industry.

You are welcomed to visit our website, so as to get acquainted with our Institute and to be kept pace with the news and any updated information. If you wish to share any ideas or comments with us, please feel free to contact us via and join our network at