General Information

iTERM represents the keen interest and commitment of the CUHK in developing Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, hence it is under the full support from the University and other academic departments with the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, such as the Core Laboratory of the School of Biomedical Sciences (SBS). iTERM members with academic affiliation with appropriate departments would be granted the access right to the corresponding core facilities.

1. Animal Holding Core
2. Flow Cytometry and Cell Culture Core 
3. Histology Core
4. Macromolecular and Microarray Core
5. Microscopy and Imaging Core
6. Proteomics Core
7. Bio-Fabrication Core (under construction)


A. General Guidelines for Applicants
B. Guidelines for Core Lab Users
– General Guidelines for Core Facilities/ Equipment usage
– After-hour CU Link card user guideline

For Non-iTERM User:

Access of facilities to non-iTERM/SBS users may be considered. Principal investigator of the project please submits the request to The principal investigator, together with the end-users, will be invited for a discussion on project requirements and facility usage procedures in person. Requests of non-PIs will not be entertained.

Should you need any additional information, please kindly visit:

  • Histology Core

Histology Core

Histology Core consists of 4 different centers and systems, namely Tissue Processors and Histo-Embedding Centres, Cryotomes and Microtomes for Sectioning, Upright Light & Fluorescence Microscopes with imaging system, and Staining Facilities, with a view to [...]

  • Flow Cytometry and Cell Culture Core

Flow Cytometry and Cell Culture Core

It provides a wide variety of equipment, including BD FACSAria Fusion Flow Cytometer, Fluidigm C1 Single cell Autoprep system, Seahorse Extracellular Flux, etc., which are commonly used in the diagnosis of health disorders, applications in [...]

  • Proteomics Core

Proteomics Core

To spearhead the advance in the field of bio-medical and bio-engineering, Core Laboratory is well-established for SBS and iTERM’s Principal Investigators. One of those various cores, Proteomics Core renders supports to our scientific researchers with [...]

  • Microscopy and Imaging Core

Microscopy and Imaging Core

With the provision of cutting-edge equipment, it successfully help facilitate and beef up the overall research development of iTERM and SBS, such as Electron Microscopes, Confocal and fluorescence microscopes, Micro-CT System, Auxilliary instruments for transmission [...]

  • Macromolecular and Microarray Core

Macromolecular and Microarray Core

In the Macromolecular and Microarray Core, it is well-equipped and supported by Microarray and Next Gen Sequencing System, Real Time PCRs, Centrifugations and ChemiDoc Imaging Systems and Spectrophotometer, ensuring the enhancement of quality in gene [...]