Personal Information

Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry

Office: (852) 3943 6165
Address: Rm 503B, Mong Man Wai Building, CUHK

Research Interests

  1. Protein chemistry
  2. Bioorganic chemistry
  3. Chemical biology

Selected Publications

  1. Yu Y, Liu M, Ng TT, Huang F, Nie Y, Wang R, Yao ZP, Li Z, Xia J*. “PDZ-reactive peptide activates ephrin-B reverse signaling and inhibits neuronal chemotaxis.” ACS Chem. Biol, DOI: 10.1021/acschembio.5b00889.
  2. Huang F, Nie Y, Ye F, Zhang M, Xia J*. “Site selective Azo coupling for peptide cyclization and affinity labeling of an SH3 protein.” Bioconjugate Chem, 2015; 26:1613-1622.
  3. Ng TB, Cheung RC, Wong JH, Wang Y, Ip DT, Wan DC, Xia J.” Antiviral activities of whey proteins. Appl.” Microbiol. Biotechnol, 2015; 99:6997-7008.
  4. Yu Y, Wang J, Liu J, Ling D, Xia J*. “Functional assembly of protein fragments induced by spatial confinement.” PLoS One, 2015; 10:e0122101.
  5. Kang W, Liu J, Wang J, Nie Y, Guo Z, Xia J*. “Cascade Biocatalysis by Multienzyme-Nanoparticle Assemblies.” Bioconjugate Chem., 2014; 25:1387-1394.
  6. Lu Y†, Huang F†, Wang J, Xia J*. “Affinity-guided covalent conjugation reactions based on PDZ-peptide and Sh3-peptide interactions.” Bioconjugate Chem., 2014; 25:989-999. [Featured on Cover] (†, equal contribution)
  7. Ling D, Gao L, Wang J, Shokouhimehr, Liu J, Yu Y, Hackett MJ, So PK, Zheng B, Yao Z, Xia J*, Hyeon T*. “A general strategy for site-direced enzyme immobilization by using NiO nanoparticle decorated mesoporous silica.” Chem. Eur. J., 2014; 20:7916-7921.
  8. Wang J, Yu Y, Xia, Xia J*. “Short Peptide Tag for Covalent Protein Labeling Based on Coiled Coils.” Bioconjugate Chem., 2014; 25:178-187. [Featured on Cover]
  9. Wang J, Nie Y, Lu Y, Liu J, Wang J, Fu A, Liu T, Xia J*.  “The Assembly of Multivalent Protein Ligands and Quantum Dots: A Multifaceted Investigation.” Langmuir, 2014; 30:2161-2169. [Featured on Cover]
  10. Wang J, Xia J*. “Preferential Binding of a Novel Polyhistidine Peptide Dendrimer Ligand on Quantum Dots Probed by Capillary Electrophoresis.” Anal. Chem., 2011; 83:6323-9.