Prof. Anna BLOCKI, Prof. Chien-Wei LEE, Prof. Hon Fai CHAN, Prof. Dan WANG, Mr Eiji KOBAYASHI (Rhoto Pharmaceutical), Ms. Hikari KUROGI (Rhoto Pharmaceutical), Prof. Kenneth LEE, Prof. Yangzi JIANG, Dr. Rose QIN (HKSTP), Mr. Terry PANG (HKSTP)

A headquarter was recently set up by ROHTO Pharmaceutical in the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP) in 2019, known as the ROHTO Advanced Research Hong Kong Limited.

It was an exciting opportunity and experience for our faculty members to meet with Ms. Hikari KUROGI (Senior Scientist, Rohto Pharmaceutical) and Mr. Eiji KOBAYASHI (Managing Director, Rohto Pharmaceutical), learning about the strong background of Rhoto Pharmaceutical and its global development blueprint, as well as the current research-related innovations and initiatives.

We are all looking forward to exploring and expanding the network with promising entrepreneurship, in terms of scientific research and development, specifically biomedical translation.