Prof. Oscar Lee’s first important research achievement was the discovery of differentiation potential of stem cells from mesodermal origin into hepatocytes of endodermal origin, and being the first to design a novel 2-step protocol to induce hepatic differentiation of MSCs, and have obtained two US patents for this finding (US 8062632B2, US8216839B2). I have demonstrated that MSC transplantation effectively promotes liver regeneration, reverses liver damage, and reduces mortality in mice. Moreover, I have also developed a unique three-step protocol that effectively induces hepatic differentiation of iPS cells, and have secured one US and one TW patent (US9732323B2, TWI449789B). My research group has also adopted a novel method of cryo-chemical decellularization of the whole liver which opens a new area of MSCs-based functional hepatic tissue engineering.

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