Last week, it was our great honor to have Prof. Barbara CHAN, Professor of Biomedical Engineering Programme from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Hong Kong, delivered a seminar on “Building Tissues from Scratch – Enabling Technologies, Scientific Understanding, Clinical Translations and Challenges ahead”.

Our researchers and students, in the fruitful meeting and informative sharing session, were excited to learn about the latest findings and experience from Prof. CHAN’s major achievements and the excellent work by her team members in the past 20 years, in various multi-disciplinary research initiatives amongst the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, natural biomaterials, stem cells, mechanoregulation, multiphoton microfabrication, etc.

In addition, translation from frontier research to clinical trials and precision medicine has long been a hot topic and challenging in the biomedical and industrial sectors, specifically the difficulties encountered in the development of Advanced Therapy Products (ATP). Regarding the regulatory and technical limitations, Prof. CHAN shared with us some fun facts which the industry has been facing in the past decades, e.g., limited services available on GMP manufacturing, governmental policy, monetary and infrastructural support, etc. To fully equip HK as an international research hub and to unleash the potential of our research talents, concerted efforts from the academic and industrial sectors are indispensable to beef up the overall development and strive for scientific breakthroughs in the years to come.

Group photo: Prof. Raymond TONG, Prof. Barbara CHAN, Prof. Andrew CHAN, Prof. Wai-yee CHAN (from left to right)

Snapshots taken during the Q&A session can be viewed here.

Prof. Alfred CHENG

Prof. Yangzi JIANG

Prof. Anna BLOCKI

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